Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am not easily blown away by newer artists....but I have to say I've been slapped in the junk by Owl City......this guy is amazing.....he writes songs with amazing M.I.L.F.'s..(Melodies I'd like to Fu^K)
I love the use of synthesized notes....unbelievable.
Listen to Fireflies and Meteor Shower to begin....from there, it doesn't really matter cause you will have already been hurricane'd into the haze of infatuation.


Anonymous said...

wow...loved it, buying it!

thanx for turning me on to some new music;)

~*~*Malorie~*~* said...

I LOVE Owl City...He sounds so much like Death Cab for Cutie, that I thought it was Ben Gibbard.

I love that type of music. Thanks for your opinion. :-)


Jacob R Parker said...

Hi there,

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