Monday, May 08, 2006

Lazy Afternoon

I took a break on Saturday from writing music and running laps to spend some time in the city. Although I know the area quite well, and have seen almost everything twice, I like the idea of being immersed in something that seems so much bigger than me.

I love going to record stores in Seattle because the clerks have absolutely no idea if they have something or not....Most don't use computer systems.......its all cash and memory--"If you don't see it, then we don't have it" sort of deal. So when you find something neat, it's as though you have found a little treasure that the owner didn't even know was in the store. For some strange reason, I really like that.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Under city lights

So I have some pictures that I took on New Years Eve '06. Seattle has given me many ideas for an album cover, although it seems that I have too many ideas for a cover, and no album to put in it.

This weblog is a sort of "Safety in numbers" for me. It's kinda strange to be in a completely different world and be forced to share your most secretive thoughts with complete strangers.

It might sound stupid and maybe it is, but I guess I like the thought that I might not be the only one going down this sharing my ideas and thoughts with everyone else, hopefully in a creative way, maybe I can see that we are all, in a way, partners in crime.