Friday, January 29, 2010


Oh, the needle he will need to have.....stronger than any steel......than any diamond....sharper than any knife or jagged cliff edge.......

Oh, the thread he will need to aquire....Strong enough to perform the tremendous task that lays ahead of it...yet capable of holding microscopic pieces of a once, whole heart, together without damaging.....

Oh, how steady his hand will need to be.....The inability to stray from the intended keep it from total collapse, to have the smoothness to accomplish the impossible under such extreme conditions.

Oh, the knowledge he will need to manufacture the perfect combination of chemicals to create a remedy to slowly nurse me back to existance.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Demo Update....Listening to....and some writing

I'm currently finishing up a song called "So Much better" and an instrumental to be put onto the demo recording....I've also decided to put "Ashes" onto the disk so I will have a total of 5 songs when finished....I am aiming at March to be completely done and ready to hand this thing out at shows during the that's where that's at BOY-EEEEEEEEE!!!!

Currently listening to......
Drake-"Money to blow"
Owl City-"Vanilla Twilight...and "Meteor Shower"
Massive Attack--"Teardrop"

Here's some more cheese for all those sandwhiches y'all are making while watching all of that playoff football!!!!

"would--would--would be"

Just for her to find me.
To be the end of her search---fulfill mine.
To be the reason for her laughter---fill my heart with joy.
To be her destination---my greatest accomplishment.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Does she know the throne I have placed her on?..... The royal status she keeps in my heart? How is it that the lowest vermin could command the laughter of a princess? How could it be that a beggar could carry the company of a queen? Could it be that with the random brush of her hand on mine, I am a king...
not remembering the past,
or dwelling on the future....
if only for a moment....