Friday, June 22, 2007

days since gone

I miss my 420 square foot apartment, my 19 inch tv screen, no cable,

I miss singing to my kitchen, which to me, was like singing to a sold out crowd at the Verizon Wireless amphitheater.

I miss the 90+ heat. A humid heat that fogs up the windows at night, falling asleep to the sound of my air conditioner under a mountain of blankets.

I miss the street lights I was once so familiar with. I knew every inch of that town, and loved each one.

I miss the roller-coasters, the kettle corn, elephant ears, the bright lights and glow-necklaces. The sound of children being truly happy.

I miss Fellows lake, cooking hot dogs with sticks, falling asleep next to a fire.

I miss my job as an overnight janitor, my empty bank account, the smile in my soul.

Maybe someday, I'll play to a sold out amphitheater, and as I look out at the crowd, the only thing I will see are a fridge, old stainless steel sink, and some worn out cabinets.


Anonymous said...

Living simple is the way to be.

That's an interesting thing to picture as you sing to a giant crowd. Most people like to picture the audience naked, haha.

A Margarita said...

Me and Catchy want backstage passes ;)

In my post that you commented on recently, I don't disagree with your assertion that less passive forms of contact help us keep in contact with people we wouldn't ordinarily speak to and helps us reach out to people we'd never meet otherwise, but I think people are relying too much on this form of contact. Sometimes, a phone call with actual conversation is necessary to connect.

Sally T said...

I love that photo. Did you do it yourself. I assume it was a long exposure and a sparkler. Very cleaver and effective.

Dayngr said...

Where are you now that you miss all that?

Lee Ann said...

Yes, I do understand. I miss some of the more simpler times in my life too.
Digital Blasphemy is one of my most favorite sites.

Hope all is well!
Lee Ann