Sunday, June 03, 2007

Live Shows

I have played some live shows with the saxaphone player and they have gone really well. The owner of one of the coolest clubs in the Seattle area is going to post one of our performances on YouTube, so I will link to that when it is available. He also wants us to showcase there sometime in August, but we'll see. There are alot of songs I want to write before then so hopefully I can get them done, and we are starting to concentrate on finding a drummer, bass player, and maybe piano.

The link to the lead work I did with Kendal S.(singer/songwriter) is not up yet as she is on vacation, but I will post it when it becomes available.



A Margarita said...

And he's back!

You could rock the t-shirt and sneakers in a club. You'd just have to whip out the guitar and start singing, you'd have girls at your feet ;) Myself included.

There's something about boys who can play instruments . . .

Sally T said...

Do let us all know when it's on you tube and place a link on your blog.

Anonymous said...

That's really awesome! Good luck finding people. And definitely post that YouTube.

Lee Ann said...

Just dropping in with a smile and hug to say hello!
Lee Ann