Sunday, January 24, 2010

Demo Update....Listening to....and some writing

I'm currently finishing up a song called "So Much better" and an instrumental to be put onto the demo recording....I've also decided to put "Ashes" onto the disk so I will have a total of 5 songs when finished....I am aiming at March to be completely done and ready to hand this thing out at shows during the that's where that's at BOY-EEEEEEEEE!!!!

Currently listening to......
Drake-"Money to blow"
Owl City-"Vanilla Twilight...and "Meteor Shower"
Massive Attack--"Teardrop"

Here's some more cheese for all those sandwhiches y'all are making while watching all of that playoff football!!!!

"would--would--would be"

Just for her to find me.
To be the end of her search---fulfill mine.
To be the reason for her laughter---fill my heart with joy.
To be her destination---my greatest accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

good poem. you managed to describe the indescribable.



You should have some of your music on here--for us to listen too--or even some of the stuff you are listening to currently!

Ok--how about coulda, woulda, shoulda? Into the dark night, those two ships will come to light. Sometimes when you lease expect it...BAM--it hits you and steals your very soul..Look Out buddy.