Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful for friends

For obvious reasons, I have been thinking about things that I am very thankful for lately......But here, I thought that I would thank the people who choose to follow my updates....Since there are only eight of you, I feel that this is we go...

Brad--Brad is a drummer in Seattle. He plays in various bands around town and writes music also.....I have played with Brad before and he really seems like a "class-act". I'm sure he will excel in whatever he chooses to do.

Nathan--I had the pleasure of knowing Nathan for a short time...One of the most intelligent teenagers I've ever met.....I'm sure he will be somewhat wealthy...very soon...Funny too...

Fishbook--Amazing blog....This guy is a person after my own heart....Musician and Scientist...only he's probably a lot smarter than I am!!!

Steven Anthony---He has a few blogs.....Just a really good blogger....hits on basically all aspects of life...CAUTION---don't go to his food blog unless you want to get hungry!!!

Love,Love Melissa--She is a great writer...writes about some difficult things...I linked you to her TWITTER since she rarely updates her blog.

CINNIBONBON--Chick knows how to blog!!! I don't think she has ever commented on one of my blogs without pouring her heart out....completely! The passion for life that she holds is simply...amazing.

The Jerk---This cartoonist and animator is quite amazing. The creativity that comes across in his art is extraordinary...He writes his own comics....AND THEY'RE GOOOD!!!! Most of the time I find myself reading a newspapers comics section thinking...."The Jerk's comics are better than this!! Way better!"

Sally's Site--She draws amazing portraits of dogs....might sound weird...but it is strangely very, she is an all around GREAT person and great commenter on this blog..

So there you have it!! So thankful for each one of you who takes time out of your life to pay just a little attention to what I'm doing in mine. If anyone of you aren't friends of mine on Twitter---Facebook---Myspace.....please feel free to friend me there also.....THANK YOU>>>THANK YOU>>>>THANK YOU>>>>THANK YOU!!!!!!!!



Brad Gibson said...

Aw shucks, JB. Thanks for the thanks. Glad to hear the recording process is going well!

The Jerk said...

awww gAwwrRsh- Ah'm BLUSHIN'!
looks like I'm in good company here- the few, the proud, the Bryson fans!


I can't believe I missed this!!!!

Bowing my head in shame!!! hehe

Thanks so much for the shout.