Thursday, February 05, 2009

For what its worth

If anyone ever gives me the know....the one where you get a card saying that a donation has been made in your yourself the money....

NEWSFLASH!!!! This is a horrible gift.......but here are some alternatives I will accept.

You can buy a house in my name, then give it to me
You can buy a car in my name, then give it to me.
You can take cash from an atm, and put it into my bank account
You can buy a computer in my name......then give it to me.
You can buy stocks in my name, then transfer them to my account.


1 comment:

The Jerk said...

that kind of gift is only good for funerals, where they say, "don't send flowers, donate that money to such-and-such charity..." you don't do that to someone who is still alive.