Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I wonder if she’ll love me, or ever grasp my hand.

And when next time her tears fall, on whose shoulder will they land?

Will she ever say goodbye to me, or slowly walk away?

Will she call for no real reason, on a darkened rainy day?

Will she tell her friends about me, the way that I’ve told mine?

Has she ever been truly hurt, but when asked replied, “I’m fine”.

Her hopes, her dreams, her biggest fears, what she hates most about herself.

I wonder if she wonders these same things for someone else.



The Jerk said...

good stuff, Jables!
if you had a cd out, i would download it illegally. or steal one from walmart.

A Margarita said...

Greetings John! I concur with The Jerk, except I'd buy your cd instead.

Sally T said...

That's beautiful. If your music is as good as your lyrics I certainly buy it.