Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No Longer King

I officially lost my title as "King of the Diamond Lane" yesterday at around 4:30 p.m. Pacific daylight time. I was issued a $101 dollar ticket for an H.O.V. violation (High Occupancy Vehicle), these lanes are reserved for cars carrying two or more persons.
So after one year of Royalty, I have to step down and join everyone else who waits in traffic.
Musically speaking, I am finishing and polishing these songs, and hope to start playing them out around december. I have decided that this new computer recording is a better fit for me right now rather than the studio, although the studio is more fun. I am compiling some 60 sec snips of songs and have named them the "Naked Sessions" mainly because there are no effects of any, my voice, and my guitar.


Shawn said...

Welcome do the real world of us peons Lord Bryson!

The Jerk said...

cool. i just finished it up this afternoon... lemme know watcha think, then we c'n get er on tha way to Washington!

Tamara said...


thought "naked sessions" maybe meant you were out home in the buff recording. haha