Monday, June 05, 2006

Wasting Days

I am currently on the search for musicians to join me in my musical interests. I really need to have the interaction with other instruments in a jam band type of setting.

It makes me really nervous because I am going to have to steal people away from the bands that they are already involved with. The better the musician, the better the band, thus, the harder to lure them away. It's something that I have never done before, and honestly, I'm really nervous about it.

I have been talking to this amazing musician by the name of Aiko Shimada. Follow the link and listen to her song called "You" off of her cd "Like Hanna". The instrumentation is absolutely amazing. It has a lot of the same type of feel that I am going for in an album.

I'm in the middle of two of the best songs I've written so far so I'm excited about that. One isn't named yet, and the other one is called "Wasting Days". Some day I'll put some songs on here so they can be heard.....or I might just have to go the myspace route. All in good time.

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