Monday, May 01, 2006

Under city lights

So I have some pictures that I took on New Years Eve '06. Seattle has given me many ideas for an album cover, although it seems that I have too many ideas for a cover, and no album to put in it.

This weblog is a sort of "Safety in numbers" for me. It's kinda strange to be in a completely different world and be forced to share your most secretive thoughts with complete strangers.

It might sound stupid and maybe it is, but I guess I like the thought that I might not be the only one going down this sharing my ideas and thoughts with everyone else, hopefully in a creative way, maybe I can see that we are all, in a way, partners in crime.


Allen K. said...

Hey Bryson,
I like your pics as album covers, but the second one is like a total DMB ripoff. (I had to pull out my "Under the Table and Dreaming" CD to make sure I wasn't dreaming)

John Bryson said...

The pics aren't the album cover ideas...sorry to confuse, they are just pics that I took on the eve of the new year.

Shawn said...

Maybe you should reconsider...the top photo would be excellent on an album cover. I suppose you do need an album first, buy hey, gotta start somewhere, right?

Shawn said...

I wish we had record stores here in Clinton. I remember my brother and I spending hours in them when we were younger and LP's were at their peak. Over time, I sold most of my collection, but have since began rebuilding it over the past three years by scrounging thru garage sales. It's kind of the same thing you mentioned about finding a treasure when you find a album you really love at a garage sale. When you arrive you have no idea if they even have any at all,and if so, if there in good shape...never mind finding one that you'll like.

Keep up the good work on your the pictures.